Friday, 9 November 2007


Different bird, but I couldn't resist the setting!

Stonechat - Wood Lane

Repeat from last year??

Juvenile GSW June 2007

Exercise in handheld X10 zoom at ISO1600

Garden Reptile July 2007

One of several sightings

Harlequins looking for warmth

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Stabbing on Maulden Heath

There were three of these 6cm long wasps, which I presume to be some type of Ichneumon, working over a pile of conifer logs on Maulden Heath on Sunday afternoon (4th Nov 07). Once a larva was detected within the timber they would raise their abdomen, unsheath the ovipositor (occuring in this picture) and push it into the victim. Two were contending over one location so there clearly must have been something beneath the surface there, obvious to them with their antennae, but not to me with my eyes.

Picture by Keith Balmer