Saturday, 14 July 2007

Butterflies - Chicksands Wood and Sharpenhoe, 14th July 2007

A visit to Chicksands Wood on Saturday found cloud cover every time I got to a likely area for Silver-washed Fritillary, preceded and followed by bright sun walking to and from the car. Grrr. Just a few shots of common species from here - male and female Large Skipper and a Meadow Brown.

Then a quick dash to Sharpenhoe Clappers where there was a little more sun and the second target big Fritillary performed, despite being rather mobile in windy conditions. One Dark Green settled to feed on Greater Knapweed long enough for a series of shots - one distant but nicely spread, then a series in close-up.

I love the spotty eyes.

...and finally the diagnostic dark green underwing pattern

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