Saturday, 21 March 2009

Daubenton's Bat at MVCP

This Daubenton's bat was first seen about 2.30pm today by a couple I met in the MVCP Wetland 3 hide. I saw it 3 or 4 times between 3-4pm. The bat appeared for about one minute each time I saw it. I was most struck but the very fast fluttering wing beats and the relatively slow and steady speed of its flight. The bat made several circuits (about 50m by 50m) around part of the open water in-front of the hide each time I saw it. Its flight-path was almost a square with fairly long straight lines flown followed by abrupt turns at the end of each line. The flight was almost always within about 1-2 feet of the waters surface and the bat frequently dipped down to the surface of the water. The bat appeared to me to be of small-medium size (a bit smaller than a Sand Martin perhaps), with smallish, but noticeable, ears and the wings often gave a paddle-shaped impression, appearing quite narrow at the body.(Later note: This was due to a damaged wing..) The weather was bright, sunny with a very gentle breeze, temperature about 10 oC. Thanks to Bob Cornes (Beds Bat Recorder) for the identificaton and everyone else for their comments . Photos and associated waffle by Martin Green.

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