Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Moths from National Moth Nights 2009

The following moths were all trapped on either 18th or 19th September 2009 at Maulden Wood, Flitwick Moor or at home in Lower Stondon. All photos by Melissa Banthorpe

Pink-barred Sallow Maulden Wood 19/09/09

The Sallow (two colour forms) Maulden Wood 19/09/09

Orange Sallow Lower Stondon 19/09/09

Centre-barred Sallow Maulden Wood 18/09/09

Blood-vein Flitwick Moor 19/09/09

Autumnal Rustic Lower Stondon 19/09/09

Brindled Green Maulden Wood 18/09/09

Red-green Carpet Maulden Wood 18/09/09

Brown-spot Pinion Lower Stondon 18/09/09

Rosy Rustic Lower Stondon 18/09/09

Large Ranunculus Lower Stondon 19/09/09

Deep-brown Dart Lower Stondon 18/09/09

Small Wainscot Maulden Wood 18/09/09

The Brick Maulden Wood 19/09/09

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