Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Marston Vale Millennium Country Park

Along the SW shoreline of Stewartby Lake, in cold, overcast conditions I counted myself fortunate to find the following:

A Dingy Skipper and a Grizzled Skipper eating "bacon and eggs" together:

The unfortunate Grizzled was missing its entire right hind wing:

These two Dingys appeared to be flirting with each other until the sun went in and cooled their ardour:

Everything then started to wait patiently for the sun to re-emerge, except for me - I went home!:

This one in the "tree-hugger" pose that Dingys adopt when roosting:

In an earlier brief sunny spell this Green Hairstreak appeared to be laying on Bird's-foot Trefoil, but I couldn't find any eggs.

Photos by Keith Balmer

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