Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Some butterflies from the weekend:
Red Admiral, Sharpenhoe Clappers, 24th July
A couple of (the many) Chalkhill Blues flying at Sharpenhoe Clappers, 24th July
Gatekeeper, King's Wood Heath & Reach , 24th July
A a couple of Silver-washed underwings , King's Wood Heath & Reach , 24th July
...and some Brown Argus and brown female Common Blues from Octagon Farm, 25th July
This is a Brown Argus, from the lack of spots on the forewing closer to the body than the elongated spot in the middle, and the 'colon' mark of the two spots near the middle of the forward edge of the hindwing.
The same individual showing a little upperwing - note the lack of white crescents at the rear of the orange and black spots on the upperwings, I think this may be a Brown Argus feature.
I think this is the same individual, taken a few seconds later when it had moved to a new flower. This probably makes it clearer that there are no spots on the inner forewing, though you can't see all of it.
This on the other hand is a very brown female Common Blue (taken to be a Brown Argus when I photographed it). Note the spot on the under forewing closer to the body than the double spot, and the absence of two spots on the under hindwing making a colon.
This is the same individual's upper side - note the blue on the body and hint of blue on the wing bases, despite the overall Brown Argus-like appearance. Note also the narrow white crescents behind the orange and black spots on the hindwings. I'm coming to the conclusion that these two species are more difficult to ID than I thought.
Finally, a nice blue male Common Blue at College Wood on the same day - clearly a spot on the inner forewing and no colon mark on the hindwing.

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Stunning collection.