Saturday, 14 December 2013

Death's-head Hawk-moth in a Flitwick garden

A Death's-head Hawk-moth, Acherontia atropos, was found dead in a Flitwick garden on 3rd December 2013. It was collected from the finder and is now in the possession of the county macro-moth recorders, Andy & Melissa Banthorpe. We do not know how long it was there but when found it had several snail trails covering the wings.

This is the 24th county record and the first since ones in Sandy & Stotfold in 1996. A picture is below and thanks to the finder, Dave Simpson, for reporting it to us.


Dearestbetho said...

what animal is in the picture? I don't really understand about animals. is it some kind of insects or butterfly?

are you guys are scientist?


Anonymous said...

Isn't nature just amazing!
A great blog.

Trees Planet said...

The Hawk-Moth is really looking like Hawk. Nice picture.