Monday, 11 June 2007


These were at various sites and dates between Friday and Monday on the first weekend in June. This an Azure Damselfly at Marston Vale, most easily distinguished from the similar Common Blue by the U-shaped mark at the base of the abdomen.

This male Banded Demoiselle at Roxton was eating a Mayfly. I've cheated with this a little by rotating it to frrame the damselfly diagonally, which left a couple of white corners I had to clone out-of-focus veg over. Memo to self, shoot long thin subjects framed diagonally.

This female Banded Demoiselle was also at Roxton, but framed correctly in the camera.

After Roxton and Wyboston I visited Broom hoping for Red-veined Darter. I didn't know Steve Blain had seen one there earlier in the day, but all I got was this Red-eyed Damselfly sitting on scummy algae.

Finally a rather small image of Large Red Damselfly at Marston Vale.

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